A Rich and REFRESHING History

Dublin Bottling Works: A brief History

Dublin Bottling Works’ story began in 1891, rooted in the innovative spirit of Waco, Texas. Wade Morrison, the owner of Old Corner Drug Store, alongside pharmacist Charles Alderton, created a unique soda flavor that would become Dr Pepper. The drink quickly gained popularity, leading Morrison and Robert Lazenby to establish the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company in 1891.

In 1891, a Texas businessman, Sam Houston Prim, recognized the drink’s potential and founded Dublin Bottling Works to bottle Dr Pepper. This marked the beginning of Dublin Bottling Works’ legacy in crafting sodas made with pure cane sugar.

Dublin Dr Pepper gained national exposure at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, solidifying its status as a beloved soda. Despite no longer producing Dr Pepper, Dublin Bottling Works maintains its commitment to quality and friendly service, honoring the legacy of W.P. Kloster, who embodied the brand’s values.

For over 130 years Dublin Bottling Works has been producing some of Texas’s favorite sodas.

We now offer 18 curated flavors for you to offer your customers:

Founders cola       Fru Fru Berry       Vanilla cream       Texas Orange dream       Blueberry       Grapefruit

Two-way lemon lime        Texan grape       Tart and sweet lemonade       Texas root beer       Texas red cream            Ginger beer

Cherry limeade       Ginger ale       Texas sweet peach       Green apple       Vintage cola       Strawberry Bliss

We invite you to carry this unique beverage that will elevate your concepts offerings and delight your customers our handcrafted sodas are made of the finest ingredients blending traditional recipes with innovative flavors to create a refreshing experience like no other.

Product Configuration Options:

12 FLoz Glass  Bottles with screw top cap

5 Gallon Bag in a box in the following flavors: 

Dublin 1891 Founder’s Recipe Cola

Dublin Cherry Limeade 

Dublin Ginger Ale

Dublin TeXas Red Creme

Dublin TeXas Root Beer

Dublin Tart-n-Sweet Lemonade

Dublin Vanilla Cream

Dublin Vintage Cola 

Dublin Lemon-Lime

Dublin 1891 Grapefruit

Dublin Diet Vintage Cola


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